• Rosalie's Cheese Bread - locally famous!
  • Nachos - Rosalie's special made tortilla chips with ground beef and refried beans, cheddar cheese and fresh veggies - also available with chicken or sea food
  • Potato Skins - Potato boats baked with choice of bacon or ground beef and refried beans, onion, green peppers, cheddar cheese, sour cream, topped with black olives
  • Buffalo Style Chicken Wings - Crisp, golden brown, wings with hot sauce and bleu cheese dip
  • French Fries - Hand cut daily (a great treat)
  • Mix-Up - Bacon or taco meat, two skins, four wings, and cheese bread

  • Greek Salad - Feta cheese, peppers, tomatoes, salami, onions, mild yellow peppers, beets, and black olives on a fresh bed of lettuce
  • Rosalie's House Salad - Choice of turkey or ham and fresh vegetables served on a fresh bed of lettuce - also available with chicken or steak
  • Taco Salad - Ground beef and refried beans, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, black olives, salsa and sour cream, served in a tortilla bowl with mild yellow peppers and cheese - also available with grilled chicken

  • Lasagna, a House Specialty! - Served with dinner salad and cheese bread
  • Grilled "Goop" - Spaghetti grilled with fresh veggies and feta cheese - also available with grilled chicken or sea food
  • Spaghetti - Josie's special made tomato meat sauce served on imported pasta with dinner salad and cheese bread

  • Steak - With dinner salad and fries - also available with mushrooms and onions
  • Fajita - Chicken or steak grilled with fresh vegetables, served in a tortilla with salsa and sour cream
  • Chicken Quesadillas - Shredded Chicken with mozzarella and cheddar cheese
  • Roadhouse Burger - Fresh ground chuck on a homemade bun, potato chips and pickle - also available with cheese or as a deluxe burger
  • Grilled Chicken - Marinated chicken breast grilled with onions, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese, served on our homemade bun with lettuce, mayonnaise and tomatoes

  • Available toppings include ham, pepperoni, green olives, mushrooms, black olives, sausage, green peppers, onions, mild yellow peppers, and fresh tomatoes
  • Available in deep dish style
  • Try one of our specialty pizzas: Greek, Veggie, or Deluxe

*Include lettuce, tomato, mayo, mozzarella or swiss cheese, served on our fresh homemade bread with a pickle and chips, available as half or whole

  • Italian Combo - Virginia baked ham, salami, mushrooms, and green peppers
  • Pepperoni Pizza Sub - Create your own!
  • Vegetarian - Green peppers, mushrooms, onions, mild peppers and black olives
  • Roast Turkey Breast or Virginia Ham
  • Steak Sub - Fresh cut steak and grilled mushrooms

  • "Gorilla" Cheese and Fries, Fish and Fries, Chicken Strips and Fries, Spaghetti, Personal Pizza

Soups and Salads
Pasta Favorites
*All Served with our famous cheese bread!
From the Grill
Pizza: Small (12") or Large (16")
Subs, Wraps, and Paninis
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